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T walsh's Village Pharmacy
Blister Pack

Should you or someone in your family be having difficulty organising medication -
we can pack it into individual daily doses each week.

Your pack can be picked up or delivered whichever suits you.
This ensures that you receive the maximum benefit from your medicines!

"Quality Use of Medicines" is the policy of the Pharmacy Guild & Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.


Walsh's pack medication into blister packs for hundreds of patients each week.

Some are for residents of nursing homes and hostels however we provide this form of medication for many people who are living at home.

Having to take a number of different items each day can be confusing.It is not hard to forget a dose or to take a double dose, both of which can have an adverse effect on one's health.

Blister packing significantly reduces the risk of dosage compliance problems and helps people obtain the maximum benefit from their medicines.

Each dose for each time of the day is sealed in a separate compartment. This makes it easy to check whether each dose has been taken.When a dose is due one simply pushes down on the appropriate blister and the medication pops out into one's hand or into a container.

Some blister pack clients or their relatives drop in to the pharmacy each week to pick up their packs. Others request that they be delivered. There is a small packing fee charged each week but there is no charge for delivery.

The client's medicines which are packed are kept at the pharmacy and scripts are requested from the doctor when more tablets or capsules are needed.Mixtures, inhalers and patches are all still kept at home.

Please phone (02) 9311 0088 and ask to speak to a pharmacist if you are interested in this service.

Preparing Blister Packs



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